The Snapshot Version

Zeta Lordes is writer of Speculative Fiction (mostly a blend of Science Fiction and Paranormal) flavored with plenty of suspense and romance. When she’s not writing, she’s often playing with photo projects, like book covers for herself and other author friends.

She lives alone in a rambling house littered everywhere with books, and the company of three cats—who have their own litter.

The Blogger

I discovered something rather disappointing about myself early in life. I’m a perpetual “learner”, but a mediocre “teacher/communicator” outside of fiction writing. So blogging in the usual manner (offering opinions and insights) is difficult for me. You’ll find my blogging will rely far more on the wisdom and knowledge of others whose words I admire.

So you might ask why I’m blogging at all. My honest answer is that I love writing fiction and want to connect with other readers and writers that will share this journey of love with me.

You’ll get to know me through what I do offer—my stories, and shared words and ideals—and I hope to get to know many of you through your feedback.

The Author

I was raised all over the world and lucky enough to have parents that instilled in me their spirit of adventure and exploration, as well as a deep, abiding respect for others—their cultures and beliefs. I try to bring those elements into my writing.

Unlike a lot of writers, I didn’t start writing stories as a child. No driving desire to record my fantasies (of which there were many). I was more a living to learn kind of person—a voracious reader, a compulsive autodidact, and a workaholic.

It wasn’t until I lost my best friend-husband-lover-soulmate that I slowed down enough to realize I needed to walk a different path. I found incredible solace, freedom, and purpose in writing. Sketchy rambling ideas turned into sketchy, rambling novels (we all have to start somewhere). I threw writing books into my regular reading. And wrote. I scoured the internet for tips and advice. And wrote. I joined Scribophile, a fantastically helpful online writing community. And wrote.

Compared to many others, my journey is just beginning, but it’s a path I will follow the rest of my life. Writing is my calling and my passion.

Welcome To My World